Statistics of Livestock and Fisheries of Koshi Province of Annual Year 2079/080
Fish farming technique and its management
Study related to animal and animal product of Koshi Province
Book related to Provincial study of fisheries of Koshi province
Livestock & Fisheries Bulletin 2079
Livestock & Fisheries Farm Inventory of Province no. 1
anuual boom 2078/79
Statistics of Trout and Carp fish production of Province 1 of the year 2078/79
Directorate of livestock and fisheries development Annual book 2077/2078
Annual Progress Report Booklet of F/Y 2076/2077
Details of address of fish fry Production places province 1
Details of fish farming in Province 1
Fisheries Technology Handbook
Annual Progress Report Booklet 2075/2076
Livestock and Fisheries Development Bulletin